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Year 1309 A.D. Goa and some parts of neighboring states were ruled by strong king named kadamba. Till 1350 A.D. this empire remained strong but then was lost in the battle with Bahmani Sultanate Allahuddin Hassan Gangu of Gulbarga. For 14 years the Gomantak Bahmin ruled Goa and in his rein Turkeys, Arabs, and Afghans settled and used to harass Hindu people by converting them or by breaking religious places, Temples etc. they used to steal idols, Gold ornaments, and many things.
With all this cruelty of Gomantak Bahmin, the Naiks and Sawants, disciples of Shree Saptakotishwar Narve, were furious and they started to migrate to different places. Eventually took the God, crossed the Zuari River and settled in a village named Morpirla in the year 1365 A.D.
Later they shifted from Morpirla to Fatorpa In the year 1500 A.D.

Information About Fatorpa Village
Fatorpa is a small village with all natural resources, habitat, mountains and prior considered to be the safest place to live in. That is why our ancestors have chosen this place to settle down with our god and goddess and to be safe from Portuguese rule. It is considered that, cave of and a well of “PANDAWAS”, is hidden in the nearby mountains.
Fatorpa is situated in South Goa, at a distance of 50 KM from Panjim City