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|| Shree Shantadurga Fatarpekarin Namostute ||

सर्व मंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके । शरण्ये त्रयम्बिके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते

Shree Shantadurga Bhumipurush Saptakoteshwar Saunstan, Fatorpa – Goa

Welcome to the official site of Shree Shantadurga Bhumipurush Saptakoteshwar Saunstan, Fatorpa – Goa, India. The website is designed for the devotes to avail the information, the most up to date news and reports of Goddess and Panchayatan from time to time.

Also to provide in depth view of Shree Shantadurga Faterpekarin’s wide spectrum of objectives activities programmes and services. More over the website provides information on history of God, Goddess and Mahajans and how was their journey till today.

Jaroutsav Invitation


Reconstruction of Saptakoteshwar Temple

Inspired by the historical glory and advise of architect, devotees and mahajnas decided to rebuild temple in stone that should last for more than 1000 years.

It is rare opportunity for all pious devotes and religious people to contribute to this construction work.

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