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Saptakotishwar Temple

Reviving ancient shrine

The golden period in Goa is associated with rule of Kadamba dynasty, who worshipped Shree Saptakotishwar as their Kuldevata. The worship of Saptakotishwara is very ancient with history of more than thousand years. The Kadamba of Goa constructed the temple of Saptakotishwar on island of Diwadi which was later destroyed in Muslim invasion. Madhavmanthri, the administrator of Vijayanagar kingdom in Konkan regions reconstructed it as it was important temple. The same was destroyed by Portuguese as it was pride of Goa.

A clan of families left village taking with them the symbol of God in search of safe place after first destruction. After migration to Morpilla, they finally settled in Fatorpa.

Today, the temple is being rebuilt in its glorious former form in Kadamba nagar style at Faterpem.

Origin of Saptakotishwar & Importance

The worship of Saptakotishwara is very ancient and preceds the reign of Kadambas. At kotiteertha, a holy tank associated with Shree Saptakotishwar temple at Dipavati island (now Diwadi), some bricks found can be dated to 6th / 7th century A.D.

“Gomanchal kshetra mahatmya” and “Teerth Mahivarnan” state that sapta rishi, (seven sages) consecrated the linga of Saptakotishwar, while ‘Chitpavanbrahmanotpatti’ associate sage ‘Parashuram’ with linga of Saptakotishwar. It also mentions linga was made of metal. According to legend, sages performed penance for seven crore years. Due to severe penance shiva was pleased and appeared before them and asked sages the purpose of their penance and the boon which they would like to have. Sages requested the Shiva to remain on the island of Dipavati permanently.

Today there are three important Saptakotishwar shrines

  • Shrine at Fatorpa, built by Kshatriyas families immediately after its destruction of Diwadi.
  • Shrine at Narve, rebuilt by king Shivaji after second destruction at Diwadi.
  • Ancient shrine at Opa-Khandepar.

Out of all three, shrine at Fatorpa only is being rebuilt in stone in Kadamba nagar style of Kadamba era with the help of devotees.

Reconstruction At Fatorpa:

temple_smArtitech K.D. Sadhle & his son Abhijit Sadhle, renowned temple architects and experts in archeological restorations, historical styles & ancient iconography advised devotees and Mahajans of Shree Shantadurga Bumipurus Saptakotishwar Saunsthan to rebuild the temple of Saptakotishwar in stone & historical manner

Inspired by the historical glory and advise of architect, devotees and mahajnas decided to rebuild temple in stone that should last for more thatn 1000 years.

The proposed is designed about the platform preferred to as “Upapeeth” allowing devotees to circumbulate entire temple above platform. Temple belongs to sandhar tradition, keeping mind local traditions. Temple consists of “Garbhagriha” and “Pradakshika” preceded by “Antaralaya mandap” and “Sabhamandap”.

The Sabhamandap is of 21 feet x 21 feet and is developed with three entries through upamandapas at East, North and South.

“Grabhagriha” and columns are constructed with black granite stone with smooth polised surface, while rest of temple is of white granite stone.

The pillars are designed with three typologies Vishnukantha, Rudrakantha, and Indrakantha. Main supporting pillars are of Rudrakantha typology  while half pillars over sukhasana (seat) belongs to Vishnukantha and Indrakantha type.

Temple with kadamba nagar shikara towes to height of 50 feet and shall have magnificent appearance. The main temple along with temple of bhairava and other ancillary deities will cost approx 5 to 6 crores. Till now almost 2 crores are spent on the project.

It is rare opportunity for all pious devotes and religious people to contribute to this construction work.

This intending to donate, please send Cheque/ DD in favour of


Account No.11344316626 at State Bank Of India, Fatorpa Branch